Wednesday, October 12, 2016

4 tips for better writing

Four tips on being a better writer

1. Don’t judge the first draft.
No matter what you’re writing, the first draft, or what I call the Secret Draft, should be about getting the ideas on the page. Don’t let your inner editor to stop you. That’s what revisions are for.

2. Keep it simple.
It’s easy for your message to be buried in the language. Don’t write like you think a writer would write. Write like you. If it can be simpler, make it simpler.

3. Use adjectives and adverbs sparingly.
Regardless of what you’re writing, verbs are your power words. Make them do your heavy lifting, and keep the lightweight descriptors like adjectives and adverbs scarce. Adverbs are the crab grass of writing.

4. Always get an outside edit.
Whether it’s a novel or a blog post, sometimes we are trapped in our own ideas, and the grand vision clouds our ability to see the actual words on the page. So work your vision and polish it up as much as you can … but then, get feedback from someone else whose editorial judgment you respect.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Self-publish your book for free.

One thing that saddens me is when I read a post on Facebook saying, "Self-publishing is so expensive. Can writers ask for donations?"

IT IS NOT TRUE. I have written and published two books in the past six months at NO COST WHATSOEVER.
(Actually, I spent ten bucks for the book that takes you through everything.)

Here's how you do it. The only cost will be buying a book that takes you through everything you need to know. It's $9.95 in paperback or $4.79 in Kindle.    

It's CreateSpace & Kindle Self- Publishing Masterclass.

I recommend buying it in PAPERBACK since there is lots of info you will want to HIGHLIGHT.  But even Kindle is better than not buying it at all.

Rick Smith knows what he is talking about and he takes you step by step through EVERYTHING you need to know to self-publish your book.

Publish your book in paperback through CreateSpace, first.

Then publish your book in ebook through Kindle Direct Publishing next.

There is NO COST but for Rick's Smith's book.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ideas for your novel

If there’s anything people want to know when they talk to me at book signings or on television, it’s this: “Where do you get your ideas?”

Not from a “novelist’s muse,” that’s for sure. 

Most of my ideas for my Veronica Slate, Frank Tasker and Kate Mandolin mystery novels came from true crime nonfiction books, television, movies, and from real life. I read true crime books to try to understand what causes people to kill two husbands in their sleep, ten years apart, or to murder a wife and burn down the house so she can't get the kids.